Maria Konopnicka

The collection of works of Maria Konopnicka – outstanding polish poet, a short story writer, literary critic, publicist, translator; and also publications which were written by other authors and that concern her life and creative activity. The collection include e.g. unique works in the form of manuscripts, the first editions of books and also correspondences that were written by authoress. Some copies of books contain handwritten poet's dedication.


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The collection contains well-known and also little known short stories and stori…

The collection form a lot of poems which are collected in volumes of poetry.

The collection includes longer works that are written in verse and also works wh…

The collection of works for children that are very often included beautiful and …

The collection contains works that are devoted to known writers and analysis of …


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Studies on life and creative activity


The collection of works includes a dedication that was written by poetess and al…



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