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Podkarpacka Digital Library (PDL) is a project of creating the digital collection of writing and culture of the region initiated by the Library of Rzeszow University as well as the Provincial and City Public Library on Rzeszow. The agreement on cooperation of the aforementioned institutions within the scope if co-creating PDL was signed in the 17th of July 2007.

The Main Library of Rzeszow University of Technology was signed in the 7th of April 2008 and The Acedemic Library of The Academic Library of University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow signed in the 3th of November 2008. Since 24th, June 2011 the Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Zawodowa w Krosnie has entered the PBC (PDL) consortium

PDL project has an open character. As sonn as the project is launchaed, other cultural, scientific and educational institutions, interested in publishing their collection in the Internet.

Major goals of the project:

  1. recording in a digiddal system and presenting the writing collection of Podkarpacie Province in the Internet
  2. combining original copies, scattered around the region, to form a common digital collection,
  3. protecting and storing the collection by limited access to original written works,
  4. promoting social, cultural and scientific writing of Podkarpacie Province.

PDL collection is available in the following groups:

I. Main collections:

  1. CULTURAL LEGACY -copies of chosen, valuable library collections, among others, antique books, manuscripts, iconographic collections, cartography, books and magazines published before 1945.
    Within the Cultural Legacy collection, the following collections have been distiguished:
    • Antique Books
    • Manuscripts
    • Graphics
    • Maps
    • Musical Data Base
    • Books (1801-1945)
    • Rare publications
  2. REGIONAL CULTURE – digital versions of books and magazines and newspapers, and also iconographic collections, manuscripts and social life documents concerning the podkarpackie voivodeship, and the old Galicia Region and eastern frontiers of the Republic of Poland.

    Among regional collections the following ones have been distinguished:

    • Social Life Documents
    • Postcards
    • Photographies
    • Official Letters
  3. EDUCATIONAL AND TEACHING MATERIALS – digital copies of chosen academic coursebooks, monographs, scientific journals published at the Rzeszów University and other scientific-educational centers of the region.

    Educational and teaching materials are among others:

    • Course books
    • Monographs
    • PhD Thesis

II. Special Collections:

  1. MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPERS - digital versions of periodicals and other publishing houses including the regional and local magazines, and also the publishers of podkarpackie universities and high schools. The following are included into the collection:
    • Old magazines and newspapers
    • Magazines and newspapers after 1945.
      - Rzeszowskie Nowiny (daily newspaper)
    • University Journals
  2. PIGONIANUM – the collection of works from the home library of Prof. Stanislaw Pigon – an outstanding specialist in Polish studies, enthisiast of Polish literature of nineteenth century. The collection includes the unique works from public domain providing life and literary studies in the nineteen and twenty centuries, especially: studies, monographs, social life documents, reports; lots of them include the dedications from authors, donors, friends of Professor and his handwritten notes on the margin of these books.
  3. GALICJANA – digitalized collections concerning Middle and Eastern Galicia, including the late lwowskie voivodeship. There are the following among Galicjana: books and magazines cocnerning Lwów, Drohobycz, Zókiew, Sambor, Boryslaw, Sokal, Stryj, Truskawiec, Rawa Ruska, Zloczów and general reports about that part of Galicja and Eastern and Southers Borderlands.
  4. PODKARPACIE – digital materials concerning towns and small towns of Podkarpacie and local newspapers and occasional documents published in the region.

    Within „Podkarpacie” collection, the digital documents have been registered in the following collections....
  5. TOWARZYSTWO GIMNASTYCZNE „SOKÓL” (GYMNASTIC SOCIETY) – the reports, studies, statutes and other documents of the society in a digital form have been registered.
  6. SCHOOL REPORTS – the collection of school reports published systematically by junior high schools, real schools, vocational schools and seminaries in Galicia. These are important documents on galician secondary education of the second part of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries.
  7. INDICES, ADDRESS BOOKS AND REGISTRATIONS – digital copies of different indices, guides,tabulars with statistical data, place registrations, surname registrations and offices in old Poland.
  8. LETTERS - electronic collection of original letter manuscripts of different authors. One can find the rich collection of correspondence of which the addressee is drama critic Józef Wisniowski, there are letters of among others
    B.Prusa, E.Orzeszkowej, W.Siemaszkowej, P.Chmielowskiego, W.Kossaka,
    W.S.Reymonta, M.Konopnickiej.
  9. PARTICIPANTS AND PARTNERS COLLECTION OF PBC – within the collection there are the ones belonging to the participating libraries of Podkarpacka Digital Library and other partner institutions of PBC. Digital collections in PBC belong to the following insitutions:
    • Wojewódzka i Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Rzeszowie
    • Biblioteka Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego
    • Biblioteka Akademicka WSiZ w Rzeszowie
    • Biblioteka Glówna Politechniki Rzeszowskiej
    • Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Zawodowa w Krosnie
    • Lwowska Biblioteka Naukowa im. W. Stefanyka NAN Ukrainy
    • Zaklad Fizjografii i Arboretum w Bolestraszycach
  10. READERS' PUBLICATIONS – electronic documents included in the PBC by readers and users.




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The new portal of PBC fulfils the informative and communicational function and is a software repository of the digital objects stored in an electronic forms of books, magazines and other documents copies.
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